Shivagam was born on June of 1982 in the Canary Islands, Spain. 

At the age of 8, he was preoccupied with knowing who and what God was and when he was 10, his existential doubt was knowing what death was and what there was after life.

By this desire of wanting to know, he finally met his Master MahaVajra, who Shivagam still consider his Master and Guide, and in the first seminar with him, Shivagam looked at the Master`s eyes and at that moment, Shivagam’s heart broke in a thousand pieces, for he discovered that the person in front of him had discovered God and was One with him. In that moment he knew that Oneness exist, and then thought “ if he (Maha Vajra) is capable of feeling God and of expressing all of that undefined and divine love, then surely he’ll know how to teach me how to feel it within myself too”.

A year and a half after first meeting his Master, during a seminar with him, all of this passion, devotion and sacrifice for his evolution led to it happening.  An explosion of Joy and Blessing inundated his heart and body, in that moment, he knew himself to be One with All and in complete communion with God. Since then, he live passionate teaching everyone, the same path that took him, and keeps taking him, to the liberation of suffering and the discovering of Love, Joy and Oneness.
Even though Shivagam has thoroughly studied and practiced many diverse eastern and western techniques,, he dislikes limiting or reducing his teachings to only the practices but rather to the wisdom, to the Dharma.

His goal as a Spiritual Master is to guide his students through their suffering so that they are able to achieve their liberation from it, and thus find, each one, their own Truth. For that, as he learnt from Sakyamuni Buddha, he adapts to and teaches what is necessary for each group in every circumstance, utilizing the necessary tools.

When he is invited by a group of Cristians/Catholics, he teaches about Jesus and the Bible, when amongst groups of Buddhists, he talks about Sakyamuni Buddha and the Sutras; when there are Hindus, he teaches about Krishna and the BhagavadGita, for Kabbalists, he talks about Melkisedek and the Tree of Life, and for atheists he teaches devoid of any religious connotation. This is possible thanks to his consciousness that All is One.